Hi, this is Mahsa Rezaei, an entrepreneur with a specialized background in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Digital Marketing besides a solid understanding of the E-commerce ecosystem. And of course, a full-time happy mom on top of all my roles.

I am personally a huge fan of productivity and incremental progress towards a simpler, more meaningful way of living. I love goal setting and aligning my actions with planning to gain them. Furthermore, I define goals to improve whether in my role as a mom, a wife, a housekeeper, a life admin, and finally an entrepreneur.

After years of education and work experiences in Electrical engineering and IT management, experimenting with the real market of startups, and helping other entrepreneurs to build their brands from scratch, I managed to found MamsNest Solution, that truly was a call from my inside, to fulfill my genuine interest and priority which is motherhood, and to help all the savvy moms who are eager to be their best version.

It’s beautifully an intersection for what I call “my specialization pack” and my pure maternal instinct. And I’m so lucky to have my husband (Hossein Tanouri) with proven IT Project management skills with me in this path of software and brand development. Although this is not the first time that we are running a startup from scratch together!

I can not say how interested I am each and every day to work on it and develop it. I believe I have the full potentials needed for the success of this solution. Indeed, I am on a mission to help moms feel more powerful and contented.

I’m also a podcaster in English and Farsi. I’d like to share my current wisdom and endeavors about all things related to Parenting, Productivity, Minimalism, Mindfulness, Financial awareness, Sustainable lifestyle besides family wellness in these podcasts. You can listen to both my Podcasts from these links (English PodcastFarsi Podcast)

Along with all the things on my plate, you may know me as an IELTS tutor as I’m obsessed with English since my childhood, and although I’m in a busy season of my life, I try to devote some time, even small, to teaching affairs.

You can check my Job and Education related background on my website (My Personal Website), or from my LinkedIn account. And If you wanna know more about me, come and hang out with me over on my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

Oh, and you wanna see me?! So come and visit my Personal YouTube channel where I try to produce content about a wide range of my specialties from Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, and UX to personal growth skills such as productivity, planning, and so on. I am looking forward to connecting with you.