MamaNest is a comprehensive solution for moms who are eager to achieve a simpler, more intentional life. We started our mission on January 2020 to fulfill the most important goal of all of us:

                                        to    “BE THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES”

We aim to have a like-minded community, or in other words, to create a safe nest full of love and commitment for modern moms.

 Besides MamaNest academy that intends to rewrite the script ad reinvent the culture of motherhood. we have started a series of a podcast with the founder (Mahsa Rezaei) to cover all the areas we need to master as a fulfilled, healthy, confident and productive mom. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on this website and all the podcast listening apps .

And finally, in the next spring, We will provide you with a valuable mobile application that is a toolkit for all your requirements. No more information as we are going to surprise you!


Project timeline for launching MamaNest Application

Our main topics in the whole solution revolves around the topics which we think are the backbone of success for any mom: productivity, parenting, mindfulness, minimalism, environmental and economic consciousness besides family wellness.

MamaNest is not merely an application, a podcast, an academy or a blog. It is a perpetual learning environment for all of us and a comprehensive solution which will be mature  more and more through progressive elaboration.

To illustrate the concept of the brand, we can say MamaNest is comprised of two words: Mama +Nest 

All we said about MamaNest  plus our core values are hidden in our logo. Try to find it as a game!