Hey Mama! in the previous post we’ve covered the first two steps of the MamaNest personal growth system.

Step 1: Dream Elicitation

Step 2: Writing a letter to your future best self

and now, let’s go to the next two steps

Step 3: Adopting a positive mindset

Embracing the positive thinking:

Well mama, there are so many reasons why we don’t follow our dreams and it definitely begins with us! The biggest obstacle standing between us and the person we want to be is ourselves.

Each of us has doubts that flicker in the back of our minds like a light sign in a dark passage. We’re scared of the unknown, because we think of our dreams as something unreachable. Maybe we don’t possess a track record of success in life, or no one believes in us, or maybe we’re stuck in the setback period. While each of us has uncertainties, the crucial thing to remember is that, it is just a mental blockage we made up for ourselves.

So girls, to follow our goals, we need to have a positive perspective on ourselves. While we can find many things wrong with ourselves, we can find many nice things too. Maybe, we’re not as successful as we want to be, people don’t take us seriously, or whatever, regardless of where we came from, it doesn’t have to define who we’ll be. To put it simply, The past is a part of us but it doesn’t have to specify our futures.

The world is filled with stories of people who overcame the odds and done astonishing things. While it was a difficult blastoff, each of them believed in themselves and in their abilities to get the job done. God has placed in each one of us specific talents, and if we give them the chance to cultivate and use, would change our lives.

Each of us grew up with dreams. each of us has something we want to accomplish. I say go for it.

Don’t let anyone tell you NO. Especially, yourself. We live in a world of constant negativity. When we buy into that philosophy it’s no wonder we’re not happy with our lives. Positive thinking and a can-do attitude will guarantee our success in achieving our dreams.

Always keep your big picture in mind, and be self-motivated. Then eagerly and happily embark on the valuable journey of self-development…

If There are millions of reasons not to go for it, and there’s only one reason to go for it. That one reason may change your life.

By the way, have you ever thought about this…If others are accomplishing their dreams, so what’s stopping you?

Step 4: Setting a personal growth plan

Alright, we reached to step 4. with a positive mindset and a best self definition in hand, let’s finally derive our growth plan. The point of this plan, is to help you set up who do you want to become. Who do you want to turn into…

The truth is, even if we feel overwhelmed, we have to know that inside of us is such an amazing seed of potential, and this is a great time to grow new roots, aka new habits, new routines, new schedules like never before to help us be our best self…

Personal growth plan helps us become who we’re called to… and when it happens, we are healthier, happier, and peaceful moms! And it doesn’t just happen on it’s own! Being whole and fruitful is a choice. It’s something we cultivate, work on, and it all starts with “Who Do I wanna Become?” this question really changed my life…

So are you ready for a big growth, and a big change?

Alright mama, imagine your life is a wheel for a car and you are a driver, in your life. With this car you’re driving through the days and you’re spending your lifetime… Do you feel out of balance? or you think your life is perfectly balanced and you’re driving smoothly on the road of life? Or maybe you are driving with a flat tire? just in survival mode…So what is this wheel of life?

We want to draw our wheel of life now, grab a pen and paper. Start with drawing a circle. Now divide it into 10 parts. These 10 segments metaphorically point to 10 areas of your life.

This Circle is like a bird’s eye view of your life. It gives you a glance picture of your current state. And of course, these areas of life might differ for every single person. What I want to bring up now, is the result of my own perception of mom life segments, and I could beautifully fit all my priorities in life in this wheel. And I Hope it can fit yours too.

Now you have 10 portions in your wheel. Name them as, Spirituality, Personal growth, Health, Motherhood, love, Community, Finance, Profession, and, Family &Recreation, and finally Physical environment.

For a better illustration, Refer to this related blog post, I put the basic wheel of life which you can see anywhere, plus the tailor-made version that I presume fits our mom’s life in there. It’s apparent that You can alter segment titles or split segments to better suit your personal life situation, but the basic working principle remains.

Rate each area of your life on the wheel from a 1 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied/could not be improved on) by drawing a line across the corresponding number in that section of the pie and then shading below it.  Remember, you defined your dreams and your best self before, and if so, you can rely on them to keep your 10in mind in each of these life areas. When you are done, you will be left with a jagged wheel that should effectively illustrate areas for growth. 

where are you on each of them? One area you’re gonna be stronger in… and one area you’re gonna be the weakest. Keep shading it in, … are you crushing it? Are you doing ok? Are you doing terribly? How are you feeling in these areas of life… Spirituality, Personal growth, Health, Motherhood, Romance, Community, Finance, Profession, and, Family &Recreation, and finally Physical environment.

Well, I find it useful to open 3 of these areas a little bit more…mama pay attention that the “Personal growth” area refers to various techniques for improving one’s habits, behavior, actions, and reactions.

Here are a few examples to clarify what is personal growth area:

  • Learning to control anger
  • Learning to overcome procrastination
  • Learning to overcome laziness
  • Learning to be more polite and considerate
  • Becoming a more responsible person
  • Learning new things and developing new skills
  • Changing your mindset and becoming more positive

The second area that I want to spell out for you, is the physical environment.  This area includes both our small house which is our accommodation and our big house which is the planet. So environmental considerations are part of this area.

And about the third area that needs extra explanation, obviously, friends are a subset of the community section. So Include your friendly relations here…

Once you have the wheel, look at it! How does it look? What area is the lowest?

Imagine that this wheel is attached to a car, this is your life… how would it go down the road? Would it be super bumpy? Would it be smooth?

The thing is, this wheel can probably still turn somewhere right? But how fast can you go on it? Towards your purpose? That’s why we’re gonna take time to pump up the tire and invest in areas that are weaker so that our wheel of life can become more whole and by doing so, we can go faster and more efficiently towards our real purpose in life… our best self…

You know girls, it’s really important to know where we are so that we can get where we’re trying to go. Often times we like to live in our strengths and ignore our weak areas. that’s just human nature. But can we survive with an unbalanced wheel and drive safely on the ever-changing road of life?

Mom, remember, we can drive safely and peacefully with a balanced wheel in the bumpiest road… but we may not steer the car properly with an unbalanced or flat tired car even in the smoothest path… 

Also Be aware that, in each season of life, your wheel is going to change. And it’s never gonna be fully whole… It’s not like a one-time done thing. Definitely, your wheel of life when you have an infant, differs in comparison to the time that your child is bigger. But the gist of my talk is to dare and assess your life. This very first step is tremendous growth itself.

Now, we’re gonna move on to the next phase… who do we want to become for the next 3 months? Start with your weakest area… choose words powerfully and properly… have your bucket list and wheel of life in hand, and choose the words that evoke your emotions…

Maybe the weakest area of your life now is Finance. Who do you want to become financially in the next 3 months? Maybe you wanna learn to budget shop!… so write it down… declare it in your planner…

You know, when one area of your life is struggling, it sips into all the other areas because we’re not the compartmentalized human. That’d be nice if we could esp for us moms… you know what I mean right?

When our relationship with our husband is doing poorly, that sips into our motherhood attitude…our profession…our health even…if our finance is doing bad… it transmits to our spiritual life… even our physical life… maybe you become workaholic to enhance your financial life, you don’t get enough sleep and rest… and you’re ruining your health too.

So all the pieces work together. And that’s what we aim to move on now… so declare who do you wanna become in all these  10 areas in the next 3 month.

So hopefully, you took that time and write down who do you wanna become. Now, the next phase is action…

I assume that you have at least one declaration in this weak area of your life. Now, what is the action you can do to help compensate for your weak area? What quick action you can take next week or even today that’s gonna help you move towards being your best self in that specific area…

This ultimately means taking responsibility for your future and driving it in the direction of your vision, and is so worthwhile…

Write your little actions you can add to your week, and day for the next 3 months… I’ll bring you a sample action in each of the 10 areas for more clarification.

  1. for example, I’m gonna read that specific book to learn how to look for deeper meanings in my spiritual life…
  2. I’m gonna focus on improving my body language to grow personally…
  3. I wanna sleep for 8 hours/ night or be at bed at 11 PM to enhance my health life…
  4.  I’m gonna Instill more responsibility in my kids and do less for them. to play the role of a mother more correctly…
  5. I’m gonna have a date night once a week with my partner to deepen our relationship…
  6. I wanna join a community of like-minded moms to progress socially…
  7. financially I’m gonna build an emergency fund…for rainy days…
  8. I’m gonna hire staff so I can delegate some tasks and facilitate my professional life…
  9. environmentally, I want to try to cut out plastic to behave more responsibly towards the earth and to teach this to my children.
  10. I want to organize a read-aloud party once a week to have some fun besides strengthening family relations….

When you finished writing them down, think twice about each and evaluate their feasibility… if they’re not that feasible divide them in half… it’s better to show up and have a win vs make sth too big and give up on day 2.

These little actions that you are writing down need to go to your planner…

Remember this is just sth we’re gonna do every 3 months… not just a one-time for the rest of your life…

Maybe spiritually I should do a ton of things… I’m just asking you to pick just One thing… just one…

So, hopefully, you write down the actions in all of the 10 areas of your life. You can definitely go back and change them later… just start, write, and do…

In the next 3 months what are your top 3 actions or goals, you wanna accomplish in each of the categories?!


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