Hey Mama, How are you doing?!

I’ve talked about a 6 step simple system of mine that I designed for my own self and then shared it with you moms out there… What was the system for?! It was for defining our best self and then planning to reach it and making actionable steps to go through our Best version in life day by day. This system is extensively covered in Episodes 2,4, and 6 (by the way you can go and listen to them and implement the whole system while listening to the podcasts simultaneously because these episodes are designed in a way that gives you time and space to think and mindfully embark on this journey).

It was really astonishing how many of you came to me and wanted me to summarize these steps in a single post so that you can grab the total idea whenever you need any motivation or so. And I thought that Yeah why not?! I really am passionate about spreading any words that can help you in anyways.

So let’s go dive into this system.

Generally, the steps are as follow:

step 1: Dream elicitation

step 2: Writing a letter to your future best self

step 3: adopting a positive mindset

step 4: Setting a personal growth plan

step 5: committing to our Best Future self.

And Step 6: tracking our progress

In the first step, we craft a bucket list. I recommend a yearly version if you are just starting.

And my Number one tip on creating a great dream list is asking wonderful questions from yourself. In fact, the quality of our lives is defined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. As you might have heard in the podcast, I have portrayed your future best self, as the one who is sitting on a table with you and You’re gonna have a chat with her and talk with her so that you can define your future best self, aka your goals and dreams that you wanna achieve. a kind of mindful practice that I highly recommend you to listen, in the podcast. So I will repeat the questions here for you so that you can reach to at any time:

  1. First of all, ask your future best self, What is her spiritual state? How good she feels in her relationship with God? How much reliance does she give from God? How pure she perceives her attachment to God? And What are her values in life?
  2. Ask from your best self, What was the most honored accomplishment of her in the last year? The most important, vital, valuable. tell her to explain to you…
  3. Inquire about that moment, event, or totally an experience that sparks so much joy within? Ask her, what was the time that she was laying in her bed and she was so excited and couldn’t sleep because something that makes her so happy was going to happen tomorrow? What was that?
  4. Now ask her a unique memory she made with her family last year… maybe a pleasurable trip, a family reunion, a sentimental experience of hugging and kissing her mother and father’s hands…what?
  5. Let’s see how does your best self who is sitting in front of you feels in her marriage? Tell her to give you the exact qualities of her romantic life? How delightful were her 1:1 moments with her partner?
  6. Ask her about her maternal mentality? How is her connection with her baby now? Tell her to explain the positive bond she fostered with her kid. How enough she thinks is she, for her child? Request her to tell about her joyful gentle motherhood journey. By the way, maybe she is now a mother to another baby. Don’t hesitate to ask what is her ideal family structure? hmm… and perhaps what is the name of the newborn baby if you’re curious to know?
  7. What did your best self do for her self-development last year …The books she read? the Stuff she learned? Unique experiences she had? what?
  8. Ask her how productive she was and how beautifully she could manage her time to be able to fulfill her calls inside and outside of motherhood? How great was she at balancing her work and family life?
  9. Now, pour another cup of tea for both of you, and continue, Let’s see how energetic and healthy she is now? Maybe she changed her mindset around food and diet? Or perhaps cultivated a regular exercise routine. Ask her to tell you about her sense of physical health.
  10. Ask your future self to tell you about her dream career? To define you the best things that happened in her profession last year. How successful was she in her job?
  11. Let’s see What financial goals your best self hit last year that were so life-changing and peaceful? Maybe she became debt-free? Or she could finally learn how to budget shop and manage her finance? Perhaps she made some amount of money and also saved some for rainy days? Or She bought the house of her dreams.
  12. Ask her about her social life? did she communicate with like-minded people around her? How was she enjoying her social existence? How fruitful were her social interactions? Basically, ask her to tell you about her contributions to society? And the way she was empathetic towards others?
  13. What are the activities, hobbies, and generally self-care things your future self did just for herself? That made her feel happier, healthier, more precious.. and in general, made her feel satisfied.
  14. Get some information on how aware and conscious was she about the environment. Ask her to describe her positive behaviors in caring for the planet last year?
  15. Now it’s your turn. Tell her, about your dream that you gave up? The dream that you gave up but it’s just there… hasn’t gone away? keeps popping up…Lets’s see if she pursued any of them? And ask her how she feels?
  16. Keep going Mama, Tell her about your fears. Tell her What goals would you have if you know you wouldn’t fail? And describe your strong will to achieve them.

Now Let’s go to the next step, step 2, which is “Writing a letter to your future best self”.

Dear best self, Dear future me,

Hi, How are you doing? Although I’m sure you’re Good. I see that you are a happy, confident, and fulfilled mom. I can feel how cheerful and pleasant you are in your life now…. And continue…

And mention all of the points you get from your conversation with her, …

Keep writing mama and tell your future self that you know her perfectly.

And in the end, promise her that you will meet her soon, you will be her.

As I said these two steps are fully covered in this Post. hope you enjoy your personal growth journey mama!


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