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After publishing the episodes number 12, 13, and 14, most of you reach me at my inbox for a written version of these podcasts. The fact that these three episodes build up a comprehensive meal management system made it vital for me to come and summerize it here for you. so here you are:

In episode Twelve, we’ve talked about Meal Planning as the first step in Meal management. This Meal planning system was:

We need to first shift our mindset from perfectionism to acceptance and do not ever compare our resources with those perfect stuff on the Internet and just manage our expectations rationally based on our mom life. Secondly,encourage collaboration at home. We want to cultivate a culture of caring and team work at home in all aspects by starting to cook together and not only decrease laborious chores for ourselves, but also take good use of this situation to foster family bonding. Thirdly, Create Meal list. We extract a list of meals that is near and dear to all of our family’s hearts and all of us love having them. It’s not restrictive at all, because you already have increased the chance of eating food by your kids when it’s their favorite, and you also know that you can swap even unhealthy ingredients with healthy version of them easily. If you’re worried about their health and I’ll have good advices for you in this regard, we will touch it on another episode, so in the fourth step we want to make meal cards. we want to make meal cards out of them and keep them in a box or somewhere to be used for planning each week and in step Five We want to create meal board, make a board to announce each week’s meals on them. So after picking five or whatever number of foods you want to have in this week,you just put it on the meal board, and this way everybody knows that what are we going to eat each day? And, lastly, the bonus step was have some plan to have recipes your meal list. You may want to increase your food variety by trying new foods every once in a while, just at them, if you like them to your meal cards and after some months, you’d have more options to choose from for your weekly meal plans.

Then in Episode 13, we touched the topic of Meal Prepping, a 6-step simple system that was:

  1. Derive your Grocery list from the meals that you have planned out for the week
  2. Check your stock, pantry, Fridge or anywhere that you keep food and then update the Grocery list to avoid redundancy
  3. Order your Grocery or Buy them in person, and then wash all the produce
  4. Priotitize your needs based on your schedule for the following week and then reorder the meal list for the week
  5. Plan for Prep from recipe 1 to 5. write down in a chronological order and then define what you want to prep, how much time it takes to prep, and …
  6. Act of Prepping: pay attention to two points

First of all, we have 3 styles of prepping, Batch cooking, Ingredient prepping, and combination of both. Make sure to pick what sticks to you the most

Secondly, Be attentive about the order of operation. if you want to experience a less overwhelming meal prepping, try to follow the plan that you have written.

Okay, and now for the next step, Monthly Stock up, which is covered in Episode 14, we’ve talked about the benefits of it which are:

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Emergency safe
  4. time and labour saving

and then we offered a 5 step system for that:

  1. Know what you can stock up and create a list of your frequent items
  2. Add the “survival items” to the list
  3. Buy in Bulk
  4. Make handier version of them to have in hand, also have a rotational pantry charge plan
  5. Have a track record of your monthly stock up items, even the prices for future estimations.

Well Mama, that was it! I hope you go and binge listen to all these episodes and reap the benefits of implementing systems in your house.


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