Habit tracking is proved to be one of the BEST productivity tools. I know there are tons and tons of resources that emphasize this topic enough but I thought it would be a good idea to share some highlights here with you Mama. who knows Maybe it could convince you to start tracking your habits.

Reason # 1: Habit tracking is a kind of visualization:

When we mapped out our weaknesses in the form of habits that we need to foster, then it’s easier for our mind to process this decision of doing that habit each time because it’s visually in front of us and we can see how can an action turns into a habit easily.

Reason # 2: Habit tracking is a Fun activity:

Who doesn’t know that we’re all about having fun… and what’s more pleasurable for us, we would definitely pick that. At the end of the day, when we want to audit our actions, we can do that in the form of a creative and fun habit tracking process and enjoy it at the same time. Our limit of creativity is the sky when using a habit tracker. I am literally looking forward to filling my tracker at the end of each day.

Reason # 3: Habit tracking is a quick way to demonstrate the consequences of our actions each day:

When we are ticking each item in the list of our habits, we can see immediately how bad it feels when we don’t do an action that we’ve designed in alignment with our goals before. It’s a regretting feeling at the moment. and I truly believe that it has a reformative effect on our behavior.

Okay Mama, Hope you took good advantage of this Blog post, and it has added a new viewpoint to your life.

By the way, you can grab the free template in the freebie section.

Hope you accomplish all your goals in life Mama!


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