Hi there and welcome everybody. This is the very first episode of the MamaNest podcast and I thought I would give a little background on who I am and how I reached to the point to start a podcast.

I am a mom to a little princess and a wife to my best friend. We truly enjoy spending time together as a family and nothing makes us happier than a simple family walk.

For myself personally, I am a huge fan of productivity and incremental progress towards a simpler, more meaningful way of living. I try to prioritize everything and care about my surroundings based on their impact on my life. I also don’t live for other people’s acceptance. I love goal setting and aligning my actions with planning to gain them. I define goals to improve whether in my role as a mom, a wife, a housekeeper, a life admin and finally an entreprenour. Talking to you on this show with lots of engineering education and work experiences, might seem irrelevant and weird even to me.

I’ve been an eager beaver almost my entire life. I vividly remember my passion for violin, mathematics, and English in my teens. Soon afterwards I was an ambitious energetic electrical engineering student and I presume myself successful. However getting married in my early twenties reminded me the importance of other aspects of life as well. I was a fully satisfied working wife and I could call myself a life master at that time, with millions of goals in my mind and heart.

My husband and I lived our lives to the most and after 8 years decided to enlighten our life with a child.  Guess what! I began to be a mother! I was emotionally fulfilled and over the moon, such a brilliant experience, but at the same time I found myself struggling with the ambiguity of my new mom self. I needed to maintain my previous self, that much productive, hard work, successful but this time with my mom role taking precedence over others. Besides that I was so overwhelmed with various concerns. I suppose motherhood puts a burden on my shoulders to think twice about the authenticity of every single decision I make, and the possible impacts of it on my kid’s life. That was when I raised my environmental awareness and became more cautious for the sake of planet. To protect it for our children…

I realized that I’m a role model for my little kiddo and that stems from my firm belief that “No influence is so powerful as that of the mother”. If I want my children to be happy, successful, confident, productive, healthy and basically have all of the positive traits, then I just simply have to illustrate all of them in my own behavior and provide this atmosphere at home for them. If I don’t read a book once in a while, If I don’t pay attention to my self development, If I don’t care about my nutrition and fitness, If I spend money recklessly without plan, If I don’t care about environment , If I have no plan for my day, week, month, year, If I have no goals at all to achieve… then let’s face it…I shouldn’t expect my children to do them all. This sentence is insanely true “Your child is a reflection of You”. Preaching is not an operational tool to adjust our children’s behavior. There is no such a forcing factor to turn our child from what is deriving from us, to another child.

Therefore, I set One big goal for myself that overshadows all the other aims that I had before, and that was “to be the best version of ME” in all of my roles. To be the best role model for my daughter. To be a Happy, confident healthy contented productive mom and fulfill my call inside and outside of motherhood. It became my ultimate goal and my motivation to stop procrastinating whatever I wanted to change in my behaviors, achieve in my work life, and develop in myself. I also kept watchful eyes on the environment more than ever before because I wanted to play my own role, although small, to protect mother earth because infact we borrowed it from our children. In addition I tried to manage our finances more wisely to help the family economy by controlling the costs…All of these might seem like fruitless efforts to me before becoming a mother… but now… It was of vital importance…

The story short, I started to consult, read and search excessively to figure out the best solutions in motherhood and parenting, productivity, family wellness and at the same time letting go of my worries about the future of my child from the environmental and financial standpoint. With lots of trial and error in the implementation phase, I could finally design a toolkit for my mom self to be with me in this journey of motherhood. In this path, I got acquainted with Minimalism and Mindfulness and these concepts suit me down to the ground. I found that a bunch of my challenges come from my mental loads that could easily be omitted and simplify my life.

And here I am, still on the progress but I made up my mind to listen to my inner voice and share my current wisdom and endeavors in my developmental process to you mom, and this is definitely an incremental learning opportunity for all of us. to broaden our horizon and to gain strategies we need to be our best selves.

Our goal is crystal clear! designing a software and hardware infrastructure for a joyful productive motherhood in which everyone in our family benefits from.

Our most valuable parenting skill is learning to manage ourselves first. With a healthy positive mindset around motherhood, and a perpetual self developmental process, we can change everything…

My mission is to provide the context for you. This was so near and dear to my heart that gives rise to the creation of MamaNest brand. A comprehensive platform for any conscious savvy mom including an academy to bring a long-lasting learning environment and advance our knowledge to be prepared for every aspect of our mom life that is needed in this ever changing modern world. Besides the community of like-minded ones to support and encourage us. Like a nest. A safe space full of love and commitment.

And last but not least, MamaNest application which is going to be launched soon and wants to provide all of the tools and train the techniques to us. and fundamentally equip us with the basic ground that we need to facilitate our motherhood.

This is where my genuine interest intersects with my expertise in Business Analysis and IT management and I’m so lucky to have my husband with proven IT Project management skills with me in this path of software and brand development. Although this is not the first time that we are running a startup from scratch together!

Indeed, this whole platform resonates with my love towards all of you moms out there. I hope it’ll assist you to become your best version. Your best mom Self.

آکادمی مامانست

در آکادمی مامانست هدف ما اینه که همه خانوما (به خصوص مادران) رو در تمامی ابعاد زندگبشون توانمندتر کنیم. به عنوان قدم اول قصد داریم یه آکادمی زبان انگلیسی رو در یک محیط دوستانه و صمیمی راه اندازی کنیم. اگر فکر میکنی این آکادمی به شما کمک میکنه به ما بپیوند. کافیه فرم زیر رو پر کنید. ما یاهاتون تماس می گیریم.