Let me introduce you to your best self mom! She is sitting at a table with you now…exactly in front of you… staring at you… and you’re gonna have a cup of tea together… and chat with her, to recognize her, interpret her…

 when you don’t know who you wanna become to? And Who is your future best self?… then, how can you turn into her? In fact, we want to set a vision for our life and this is the first step of a 6-step system that aims to practically row us towards our best self. And at the end, we learn to write a letter to our future self as the second step of this system to keep reminding ourselves of our vision and goals along the way. Stay tuned because we’ll unbox the rest steps in next week’s episode! Be the best version of yourself, mama! The best is yet to come! 

How can you connect with me! 

MamaNest website -> www.mamanestco.com 

connect on Instagram @mamanestofficial


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