Dear body thank you for loving me, in the worst possible pressures, even when I didn’t love you back.

From now on, whenever we see our stretch marks or cellulite in the mirror we will recall all the joy behind every moment that we noticed our belly enlargement in pregnancy photos… and how we miss that spectacular experience of feeling our baby inside our belly, and after this, we will call them “our warrior paints” because they remind us of our fighting in various challenges of life  … and we will smile…

From now on, Whenever we see a picture of a fake filtered picture and deeply wish to be like her… we will immediately look in the mirror and tell ourselves that “I am my kind of beautiful…I am more than enough, I am loved, I am seen, and I have a voice.” And that’s what matters.

Let’s foster a healthy lifestyle, a flourishing relationship with our body…embracing our flaws, and be more confident… Let’s stop worrying if other people like us… Because we like us… and we are more than a body…


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