I can recall the jasmine in our backyard and its aroma with which my father makes love with every morning…and when we woke up he put it next to our bed…so mesmerizing when I think … I vividly remember my father’s passion and enthusiasm when I embark on the university when I got married when I graduated, and when I became a mother… … even more than me, his tears of joy for every tiny achievement of me in life… his presence and support in every second of my life…his sympathy and consultation for any of my decisions in life… his kind worries about me… the emotional moments we had together, every time he hugs me … kisses me…his love towards me…and how pure were all of them… Looking back on those days, I can recall his kind eyes, although I didn’t pay that much attention when I was younger. It was full of love, affection, peace, commitment & support. I think it was necessary to mention the role of the father in our kids’ future in at least one episode of the MamaNest Podcast in order to remind all of us of the efforts and the role of our husband and also to share some valuable lessons learned points which came from years of experience … May God bless your father with good health and long life, and bless the fathers that are not alive with peace…


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