08 | Reframe what Spring Cleaning means for you!

Making an effort to thoroughly clean our home (at least once a year) is something we all should strive to do. No matter how far we’ve come along, I wanted to give some tips that can level up our spring cleaning experience and help us foster better habits and behaviors alongside this one and done […]

07 | You are Beautiful Mama! You’re more than a Body…

Dear body thank you for loving me, in the worst possible pressures, even when I didn’t love you back. From now on, whenever we see our stretch marks or cellulite in the mirror we will recall all the joy behind every moment that we noticed our belly enlargement in pregnancy photos… and how we miss […]

04 | Draw your wheel of life and plan to balance it…

we introduced a 6-step simple system for our journey towards being our best self. We covered the first 2 steps in episode 2, which was dream elicitation and writing a letter to our future best self… then we followed the system with step 3 and 4 this episode which emphasizes adopting a positive mindset and […]

03 | Let’s have a mindful valentine’s day this year!

Besides the red teddy and chocolate that we wrapped like before, and is ready to create a romantic night for us in valentine, let’s bring a gift box, open it, put some perspective in it… then wrap the box with gratitude and commitment, put a ribbon of love on top and stick a sentence on […]

02 | Have a cup of tea with your Best self mama! Get to know her…

Let me introduce you to your best self mom! She is sitting at a table with you now…exactly in front of you… staring at you… and you’re gonna have a cup of tea together… and chat with her, to recognize her, interpret her… when you don’t know who you wanna become to? And Who is […]

01 | Introduction to MamaNest Podcast ! Meet Mahsa!

Hey Mama! The podcast is here. I am so excited to share episode one with you. This welcome episode explains what to expect from the podcast and gives you a little insight into me, What are we going to talk about? What will we learn?  Who is this for?  I get into ALL these details […]